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Release Date
September 2020
Torch Media Inc.
Torch Media Inc.
Web Browser
Windows PC


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Torch Browser for Windows PC

Jacob Rogers

Torch Browser is a free application for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 that is powered by the open-source Chromium project. Software product is built with the goal of giving users a simple and fast web browsing experience. It is available in many different languages and also allows users to surf the web while blocking trackers, malware, and ads.

Application Torch Browser download free was created to provide a seamless and enhanced Internet browsing experience to users by providing a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. Product is an open-source project and is available for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.


Application Torch Browser Windows has a minimalistic interface that is easy to use. The layout is very similar to that of other popular apps like Google Chrome. The design is very simple with many default settings to give the user the best browsing experience. Software product also has touch optimized controls to ensure the user has the best experience.

Product has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. One of Torch Browser download Windows great features is the fast and easy navigation. Application also has a sleek and intuitive design that makes Torch Browser free download a perfect choice for those who use mobile devices as their primary web browser.


The Torch Browser app is very user-friendly. There are many default settings to make navigation simple and efficient. The design is simple and minimalistic which is easy to use. Product is a very user-friendly and intuitive web application that is perfect for use on mobile devices.  Application free download Torch Browser is a smart and fast mobile web application that is designed to turn your mobile device into a full-fledged PC.


Software has many different features that make the browsing experience simple and efficient. Software includes features like no ads, no trackers, and malware protection. All of these features are built into the app and are turned on by default. App also has many built-in features like bookmarks, history, and recently closed tabs.

Product is a application that is based on open web standards. It allows users to feel safe while browsing the web. Software product download Torch Browser Windows is a quality app with a clean, simple interface. Application is a great application for mobile devices and is easy to use.


Software product install Torch Browser can be downloaded for free on Windows 10, iOS, and Android. Application also has a built in tutorial to help the user get started. Software has a variety of support options. They have a phone number that can be called, a Facebook page, a Twitter page, a YouTube channel, a Google+ page, a LinkedIn page, a Foursquare account, a WordPress account, a Yahoo! account, a Blogger account, a Google search, a Bing search, a Flickr account, the SoundCloud page, an App Store account, an Android App Store account, and a Torch Browser Forum.


  • How does Torch protect privacy?
    Can block ads and trackers, while also providing a customizable ad-free experience. Application also offers a built-in VPN and Private Mode so users can browse anonymously.

  • Why does my torrent download keep getting interrupted?
    If you are torrenting via the browser, make sure the torrent is not paused on the website you are downloading from. If you are torrenting via the desktop application, make sure that your torrent is not paused or closed on your desktop.

  • What do I do if my antivirus says is a virus?
    There is no virus in download free Torch Browser. The most likely reason for this is that is not in the antivirus's database. Please refer to your antivirus's help documentation on how to add an exclusion or contact the manufacturer for more information.


Overall, Torch Browser download PC is a application with a lot of features and is easy to use. Software is available for free on both iOS and Android. Product has a phone number, a contact email, a FB page, a Twitter account, a YouTube, a LinkedIn page, a WordPress account, a Tumblr page, a Yahoo! account, a Bing search, a Wikipedia search, a Flickr account, a Vimeo page, a SoundCloud account, an Apple App Store account, an Android Store account, and Torch Browser Forum. Application has a simple and easy to use screen and is available for free.


  • Fast, clean design;
  • Very simple to use;
  • Syncs with your mobile phone.


  • Doesn't have an incognito browsing mode.

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